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We are a full service accounting practice that can help you in any of the following areas:

Independent audit services

Independent audit servicesWe believe that an audit should provide you with value-added benefits. We maintain the highest standards of independence and professional ethics which enable us to complete high quality and respected audit work in an efficient manner. Simultaneously, we will assist you in monitoring ethics within your organization, will conduct reviews of your operational and financial performance and will suggest improvement strategies where necessary.
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Accounting services and Book-Keeping

Accounting services and book-keepingOur Accounting Services Department consists of a qualified and experienced team of professionals. We enforce a rigorous recruitment process and provide extensive training and development to our Accounting Team which ensures that we can provide you with a professional, consistent and up-to-date service.
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Tax planning and advice

Tax planning and adviceTax planning and advice can save you significant amounts of money and can shield you and/or your business from tax risks. In a dynamic regulatory and legislative environment, it is imperative to have tax advisers who are not only knowledgeable in the most recent rules and regulations but who also understand the implications for your particular circumstances.
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Payroll administration

Payroll administration servicesFor many companies, managing employees’ pay and keeping up with the ever increasing burden of record-keeping and changes in payments and deductions can be too time consuming and complicated to handle in-house. Payroll administration requires accuracy, confidentiality, compliance and above all, the ability to ensure payments are made to staff on time.
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Management consulting

Management consultingThere are times in the evolution of your business when individual expertise is called for on a short-term basis. This can often occur at critical junctures such as the need to hire management expertise, change of business-line and raising additional capital.
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Management of companies

Company directorship and (interim) managementWe can provide your company with two types of Directorship service:
Independent Director as member of Company Board or a Third-Party Sole Director. These directorships are often an excellent source of experience and advice and in many instances is of far greater benefit than hiring the services of a short-term external consultant.
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Full service offer

We are a full service company and will always try to accomodate our client’s very wide spectrum of requests. Since no website can offer insights into the width and depth of our offer, we suggest that you contact us if you have a specific need. The following list is but an arbitrary example of the services rendered to our clients upon request.

  • Creation of Swiss and offshore companies

  • Swiss residence and work permit applications

  • Taxation and general advice

  • Introductions to banks and lawyers

  • All kind of business services

  • Internal audits and other confidential missions

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