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Management consulting

There are times in the evolution of your business when individual expertise is called for on a short-term basis. This can often occur at critical junctures such as the need to hire management expertise, change of business-line and raising additional capital.

We can provide you and your business withmanagement consulting expertise from three quality sources:

Based on our extensive experience we offer our clients valued advice on a variety of challenges

We have extensive experience as Consultants and can offer your company or business valued advice in meeting the following challenges:

  • Human Resources Strategy: includes head-hunting of senior and middle management; design and implementation of training and development or reorganization programs; and employee conflict resolution.
  • Financial Management: includes design and implementation of accounting processes and controls and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Raising of Capital: includes advice regarding raising debt and equity capital; presentations to bankers and other institutional investors; and contacts with private equity and venture capital firms.
  • Business Expansion: includes in-depth regional, market and product research; preparation of business strategies and plans; and advice regarding business structuring.

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