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Directorship services to provide strategic and powerful solutions

We can help strengthen your business with vision and strategic solutions. As such we provide two different types of directorship service:

Independent Director as member of Company Board:

such an individual is often an excellent source of experience and advice and in many instances is of far greater benefit than hiring the services of a short-term external consultant. We have a wealth of experience at all levels of business and across most market sectors. We can offer you a suitably experienced partner, director or manager who will attend your Board Meetings and will act in an advisory capacity in order to assist your business in its strategic and operational growth.

Our clients enjoy the possibility of various management and directorship services

Third-Party Sole Director:

having a ‘Third Party Sole Director’ acting on your behalf is an excellent way of maintaining confidentiality. The third-party Director may perform various administrative functions which would otherwise have to be performed by somebody directly related to the company. The actual involvement of the Director in the day-to-day management of the company may vary, in accordance with your needs and wishes.

Liquidation Services

We can act as Liquidators to your Company or in an advisory capacity to your nominated Liquidator. Without sound advice, liquidations can be expensive, time-consuming and potentially litigious. Clients have come to rely on our local and international knowledge and experience in order to provide an efficient and cost effective liquidation service.

Domicile and Company Secretarial Services

Our Domicile and Company Secretarial Department can provide you with:

  • Registered Office Address
  • Correspondence Address
  • Maintaining of Company Records (Board Resolutions, Minutes of Meetings) in line with relevant legislation.
  • Establishment of Offshore Companies.

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