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February 22 2020

Incredible start to a new year continues with Croatian group as third recruitment of 2020

Russell Bedford International has announced the appointment of a grouping of two new practices, ANiS Revizija and Anić-Antić & Sesar Tax Advisors, as the global accounting network’s first member firms in Zagreb, Croatia.

With their shared offices located in Zagreb, the two firms together provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, audit, financial consulting, tax consulting and compliance and transfer pricing services.

The firms service more than 90 clients operating in various business sectors including pharmaceuticals, investment funds and hotels.

Speaking of the appointment, Russell Bedford CEO Stephen Hamlet said: “I am delighted to welcome ANiS Revizija and Anić-Antić & Sesar Tax Advisors as our members in Zagreb. Following the recent addition of our North Macedonia firm, it’s fantastic to see the region continue to develop in this upward trajectory.”

Paško Anić-Antić, director at ANiS Revizija, added: “We are very pleased to start the year with such an exciting development. Our two firms are keen to begin working with our counterparts within the network and eagerly anticipate the new opportunities that lie ahead for us and our clients in 2020.”

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