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March 5 2020

Message from the Chairman/Senior partner

We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence, of robotization, digitalisation – in short, in an environment in which many of the past processes and working models are simply obsolete and working habits have to be re-invented. Not only do these changes happen at an exponential pace – never has humanity undergone anything comparable, in such a short time – but also are many of these changes perceived as being imposed on business and the population by the authority of a market which is out of control, and by the new environment. The average human being does not like change, even less when it is imposed on him and when the pace of change cannot be controlled by the individual.

Humanity has and will undoubtedly greatly benefit from these “New Tech”, it will e.g. become possible to manage in a more optimal manner our planet and its limited resources, the material wellbeing will continue to increase, for the benefit of large parts of the population, provided that adequate models of society and political systems allow it.

Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and robotization will however not replace the need for direct personal contact, which will continue to remain essential, including by the clients of our firm, many of which are with us solely because of the quality of the personal contacts our professional staff and management maintain with them. Whilst these clients, corporations, smaller businesses and individuals, young or less young, are of course happy to benefit from and make use of the new technologies, they continue to wish to have a close relationship with “a real person”, there simply is no substitute for such personal and personalized contacts.

This is why I believe that a one-stop-firm like ours continues to satisfy a real need of the market and we can envisage the future with a certain confidence. .Artificial intelligence, robotization, blockchain etc. will not replace personal relations, technology will actually increase the need for such contacts, and call for a higher quality of such personal interaction. Our tax consultants, accountants, auditors, lawyers and business advisers do greatly value such direct personal contacts, and we assure our clients and future clients that they will continue to stay in the center of all our attention, new technology being only a means to achieve this objective, and not the objective itself! There are simply values which are timeless, so well expressed by the following proverb in latin, to whose content our firm fully adheres: Beatus qui prodest quibus potest – Happy is who can be of service to those who need his help.

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