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Other services


An independent administrator, designated for your company’s board of directors, will have had sound experience and be able to provide valuable advice. It is, in many cases, less costly to hire an independent director rather than a short-term external consultant. We possess a wealth of experience at all levels and in most industrial sectors. You can call on a partner with the necessary experience, as a director or administrator, who will attend the meetings of your company’s board, fulfilling a purely advisory or an operational role, in order to support the growth of your company on strategic planning and operational activities.

Using a third-party administrator, acting on your behalf is an excellent means of maintaining confidentiality. This third-party administrator can fulfil various administrative roles, generally assumed by a person directly related to the company. The third-party administrator can be involved in the daily management of the company, according to your needs and demands.

Domiciliation and secretariat for companies

Our organisation also offers the following services:

  • Domiciliation secretariat for companies;
  • Domiciliation of the secretariat;
  • Mailing address;
  • Safe keeping of the company’s statutory documentation (decisions of the board of administration minutes of meetings) in accordance with legislation.


We can act as liquidators for your company or in an advisory capacity with your designated liquidator. In the absence of sound advice, liquidations can be expensive, time-consuming and subject to litigation. By relying on our knowledge and experience at national and international levels, you benefit from efficient and low-cost liquidation services.

Obtaining work and residence permits

We can take all the necessary steps on your behalf, from the establishment of a business plan to the filing and monitoring of requests for residence and work permits.

Our network of partners and associates in this area ensures the best possible likelihood of a successful approach.