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Taxation and General Advice

Taxation advice and planning can lead to significant savings and eliminate tax risks linked to your personal and entrepreneurial activities.

Our many years of experience in the fields of international tax planning and structuring is not limited to Switzerland. In cooperation with our partners in the Russell Bedford International network, we have the resources to establish ideal solutions in complex cases of cross-border taxation.

In particular, we offer the following tax services for individuals and businesses:

  • Establishment of tax declarations;
  • Establishment of spontaneous declarations;
  • Support throughout the taxation procedure;
  • Assistance with fiscal negotiations and arrangements of payment;
  • Tax and estate planning;
  • Preparation and filing of requests for specific tax regulations (rulings);
  • Representation and support of our clients on all dealings with the tax authorities;
  • Assistance in Value Added Tax (VAT) and declaration details;
  • Assistance with other taxation matters, such as withholding tax, stamp duties, property gains tax, etc.

If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.